Finished goods warehouse
GOST 8486-86 Softwood lumber. Specifications
Warehouse of finished products The Institute for Standardization of Products Manufactured by Russian Enterprises pays great attention to the quality of manufactured products.
floor plan
The floor in a house made of timber: types of floors used, how to make it, step-by-step process
If the project for building a house or renovating a city apartment involves wooden floors, then the manufacturer
Types of lumber and their application
Types of boards: what you need to know to choose the right material
Wood flooring remains the most common finishing method in apartments and private houses. Despite
Folded timber
Classification and characteristics of the main types of timber
Grade is used as characteristic parameters of wood, which allows us to evaluate the quality of lumber. It's practically
Thickness of plywood on a wooden floor: features of choice
What thickness of plywood is needed for a wooden floor, along joists, under laminate or linoleum?
Plywood is a sheet material that has two layers of natural wood veneer, which are glued according to
Fiberboard on the floor: how to properly lay fiberboard on a wooden floor, installation technology
Among the different options for leveling and finishing the floor, there are the cheapest and simplest ones. One of
Tool for tightening floor boards: methods of tightening with different types of installation tools
Wooden floors are one of the best options for environmentally friendly and reliable flooring.
Possible types of products for sawmills
Assortment of softwood and hardwood lumber
It will be useful to know the range and standards of softwood lumber (as well as hardwood) when
Wood grade - general information, classification and regulatory requirements for lumber
Since ancient times, wood has been considered the best building material. The wood lends itself well to processing. Porous structure
Types of wood: how they differ and general information about grades 1, 2, 3, 4
Articles All photos from the article In 99.9% of cases, if it is necessary to construct a wooden building, lumber is used
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