Fire protection for wood: TOP 5 manufacturers and compositions for protecting wood from fire according to experts for 2022

What is fire protection for wood?

It is worth noting that in Russia there are thousands of fires in wooden houses every year, which causes significant losses. It is also important to note that a house made of wood can burn down in half an hour, which causes additional losses. That is why it is customary to pay special attention to ensuring the protection of a wooden house.

It is important to note that now there are universal mixtures that can simultaneously perform the functions of antiprenes and antiseptics.

Antiprene is considered to be a substance aimed at counteracting both fire and subsequent fire of wood products. The characteristics of the action of such substances may vary, but often they boil down to the following:

  • When heated, carbon dioxide is released, which helps create a corresponding “cushion” that does not burn and is capable of protecting the surface in a certain way;
  • When heated, a fireproof swelling agent is formed on the surface;
  • The use of a special solution helps ensure that the pores of the top layer of wood coating are clogged, which automatically helps reduce the percentage of combustible substance used on the top layer.

Considering the essence of antiseptics, it should be noted that these are substances that provide protection against microbes, mold and various types of fungi.

Prescribing Information

The calculator for calculating the consumption of antiseptics for wood takes into account all possible lumber, the surface of which must be coated with antiseptics and fire retardants. To better calculate the antiseptic consumption, it is necessary to decide in advance on the specific impregnation to protect the wood. Then you need to find the consumption of this product per 1 m2 of surface in the description of this product.

In this antiseptic calculator, the consumption value is 0.4 liters per square meter, but depending on the type and type of impregnation, the consumption may differ. It should also be noted that the calculation of antiseptic consumption is made taking into account the treatment of all surfaces of the lumber. You can find out more detailed information about wood preservatives in this article. More detailed information about fire retardants is in this article.

The need to combine two components

Many owners of wooden houses pay attention to the fact that it is almost impossible to buy an option that combines the qualities of only one substance. Thanks to this option, it becomes possible to provide complex processing and save a significant amount of money.

There are also options in which one or another component dominates, which makes it possible to focus attention on a certain direction.

Features worth paying attention to

When choosing fire protection for wood, you need to pay attention to the following most significant characteristics:

  1. Focusing on the group of substances. Now the following varieties have become widespread: means aimed at slowing down the ignition process or at reducing the level of both flammability and combustion. Thus, using the first option helps ensure a serious approach to fire protection.
  2. Initially, you need to decide how much of the substance may be needed, which will help you both save money and at the same time purchase exactly the volume that is needed.
  3. Specific characteristics of the house itself. Initially, it is necessary to pay attention to the area in which the wooden building is located (what level of humidity, how often and in what volume of precipitation falls). Also, in certain cases, the need to carry out additional finishing work is taken into account (if so, then using what materials).
  4. Effectiveness period - as a rule, the average duration of effectiveness of using such an option can range from 5 to 20 years. After this time has expired, it is again necessary to carry out a set of appropriate actions. If basic operating conditions are violated (for example, a significant increase in humidity or exposure to sufficiently low temperatures), the period can be significantly shortened.

Many manufacturers can say that the effectiveness of their products can last almost half a century. This approach is a banal advertising ploy aimed at significantly increasing the cost of products.

Features of the composition. As a rule, such substances consist of almost identical components, but their effectiveness directly depends on the degree of concentration of certain salts and chemicals.

Mode of application

The product “SENEZH OGNEBIO” is applied to the wood surface, cleaned of dirt, dust, bark, bast, and other coatings, with a brush, roller, spray at an air temperature not lower than +5o C, as well as by immersion, soaking or autoclaving. Application with a brush, roller, or sprayer is carried out in 2-3 doses with an interval of 20-40 minutes, ensuring a standardized total consumption. Soaking or impregnation in an autoclave is carried out until the normalized flow rate is achieved. Do not process frozen wood! Do not mix with other formulations. Stir before use.

Manufacturers of fire protection

Given the popularity of wooden buildings, the demand for fire protection is also constantly increasing. Therefore, in order to purchase high-quality products that can protect, for example, your home from negative impacts, you should approach your choice responsibly.

The most popular manufacturers of fire protection for wood are:

  1. "Neomid" - the average protection period is from 5 to 10 years.
  2. “Senezh-preparations” - there are two main types of products: the first option is used exclusively to increase the fire resistance of a building, and the second, on the contrary, to protect against mold and fungi.
  3. "NORTH" - there are 6 main types of products designed for both external and internal finishing work. The duration of the result obtained, according to manufacturers, ranges from 15 to 25 years.

Initial data

Initial data for calculating antiseptic in the online calculator and their description:

  1. Selecting the type of lumber. It is necessary to select from the proposed options the type of lumber that needs to be treated with an antiseptic.
  2. Next, we indicate the dimensions of the processed lumber and its quantity in pieces. If logs are processed, the diameter of the log and their total length in meters are indicated.
  3. It is necessary to indicate the consumption of antiseptic in liters per 1 square meter. The default value is 0.4 l/m2.
  4. If you want to know the total cost of impregnation, you need to indicate its cost per 1 liter

How not to make a mistake with your choice

Initially, it should be noted that making a choice on your own, without special knowledge and experience, is very difficult.

Therefore, initially, having assessed the climatic conditions in which the building is located, it is necessary to formulate basic requirements for the results of processing (for example, for what optimal period of time should the result be maintained).

It is important to note that the effectiveness of the obtained result largely depends on how correctly the complex of works associated with the processing was carried out. Therefore, if the appropriate skills are not available, it is better to entrust all work to specialists.


As you can see, applying an antiseptic with your own hands is a fairly easy process. The main thing is to follow all instructions and carry out work carefully. Finding out the consumption per 1 m2 is also not difficult. We recommend watching the following video to see the process of applying the mixture in practice and consolidate the skills acquired after reading the article.

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