Cutting logs into boards with a chainsaw according to marks: how to cut at home? Step-by-step instructions with photos and descriptions

Methods for cutting logs

Before sawing a piece, it is important to consider how to achieve a high-quality finished product with minimal waste. The wood is of uneven quality; the lower region of the core produces more expensive timber.

When sawing logs, you can obtain the following types of timber:

  • Timber is a raw material whose dimensions are more than ten centimeters. The most popular type is a four-edged beam, which has a square shape when cut. It is used as a building material and in the manufacture of furniture;
  • The board is a raw material, up to ten centimeters thick and twice as wide as the thickness. Boards are made from logs or beams and are used in construction and furniture production.

Having mastered the basic theory and practice, you can make boards and beams with your own hands.

Sawing wooden slats

A planed wooden lath is a board or plank that has been cut on all four sides. The most popular are slats made of pine, since this species combines such advantages as low cost, durability, decorativeness, and ease of processing. When making wooden slats, it is very important to maintain the humidity regime. On Larix production lines, all lumber undergoes high-quality drying. As a result, the moisture level of the wood is reduced to 12% - the ideal value at which the lumber demonstrates excellent stability and does not deform.

Advantages of sawing logs with a chainsaw

The saw and ax as woodworking tools are now gradually becoming a thing of the past, losing out to fairly powerful gas and electric saws.

A manual chain saw operates thanks to a two-stroke gasoline engine; the main component is a sharpened chain.

Main advantages:

  • Superior efficiency, greatly simplifying human work;
  • Mobility, it can be easily moved to other locations, put in a car, it does not work from the electrical network;
  • Can be used at high levels of moisture and even during periods of precipitation;
  • Ability to use a variety of attachments to perform a variety of tasks;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Reasonable cost compared to special woodworking machines.

Therefore, not only specialists with many years of experience prefer this product, but also owners of summer cottages are happy to use a chainsaw to solve daily problems in the garden and in construction.

Log sawing tool

The selection of equipment for sawing workpieces is determined by many factors.

These include:

  • Scope of work
  • Dimensions of workpieces for cutting,
  • Quality and volume of timber.

To cut large batches of workpieces and make more high-quality raw materials, it is recommended to use a sawmill. This is a wood processing unit, the functional part of which is a variety of saws.

The best option for longitudinal sawing of logs up to six meters long and with a diameter of 0.2-0.8 m.

At large woodworking plants with huge production batches, special points for sawing wood are used. You can cut logs of any diameter point by point, obtaining timber of the required parameters with a well-processed top layer. The lines are characterized by excellent efficiency.

For longitudinal cutting, you can make your own wooden stop - the main ruler that helps you cut the log perfectly. The stop consists of 2 wooden boards, one of which is fixed at the end in the central part of the other.

The structure is attached to the workpiece with self-tapping screws so that the outer edge of the vertical board is located below the outer border of the log. The interval between the top area of ​​the log and the top area of ​​the board calculates the thickness of the sawn slab.

Types of working attachments

If necessary, the workpiece is sawed into boards with a chainsaw using special attachments. The frame for a gasoline saw is fixed to the structure and is designed to guarantee smooth movement when cutting workpieces horizontally.

The structure includes:

  • The main frame moving along the outer layer, next to which it is necessary to saw the wood;
  • A vertical stand where the material thickness adjustment system is fixed;
  • Thickness adjustment system containing knobs for adjustment and a bolt that sets the required circumference;

The ability to set the exact diameter and competent cutting of the log helps to obtain boards of identical thickness and reduce the amount of waste. To cut wood for the first time, you need a main frame or a flat, straight board.

As an analogy, you can make a smooth foundation covering using an ax, an electric plane and a level. During further sawing, the main surface is the flat part of the board obtained during the previous work.


Slitting wood is a complex process that requires the use of appropriate equipment and tools, but if done correctly the results will meet the highest standards. The video in this article will talk about some of the described processes in more detail and detail.

Greetings to all readers and subscribers of my blog. Today I, Andrey Noak, want to talk about how to cut a board straight. Wood is rightfully considered one of the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials for construction.

Chainsaw sawing technique

Before turning a log into boards at home, you need to cut it correctly in order to get the largest batch of high-quality boards with the least amount of waste.

Markings are made on the wood that correspond to the specified task and the appearance of the intended timber.

  • Before starting work, you need to fix the workpiece well in order to achieve excellent quality of covering the boards. Sawing of logs is carried out mainly horizontally.
  • You can cut the workpiece along the chainsaw using equipment for longitudinal sawing - a wooden stop - a structure made by yourself.
  • When using a rip saw attachment, you need to securely fix it to the chainsaw frame. Before starting work, you need to worry about making the base coating, which will be used for sawing with a chainsaw.

Wedges are placed in the longitudinal cut to prevent the sawn edge of the board from pinching the parts of the chainsaw. The unit must move slowly and do not press on it.

It is recommended that two people take on the task of sawing logs, since additional hands will be needed to move and fix the workpiece in order to place the wedges in the cut.


To make a smooth cut with a hacksaw, first you need to draw a sawing line with a pencil on the board, then position the workpiece so that you can work with it, fix it in this position. The next step is to position the hacksaw at about 60 degrees to the workpiece, pushing the saw with your thumb so that it runs smoothly along the cutting line.

Start sawing as soon as your cut is deep enough that the saw can safely "walk" in it without leaving the mark, you can turn it into a comfortable position, usually 90 degrees, and continue sawing until you achieve the desired result. If the wood is wet and soft, the hacksaw's teeth will get stuck in it, making the job more tedious and time-consuming.

To make your work easier, apply soap to the tool, which will make your job easier. At the beginning of the wizard, the first cuts are not the same, so it is better to use a panel to serve as a guide.

If you need to make an angle cut, use a chair. It has slots for a hacksaw made in advance. You will only need to attach it to the workbench, place the part in a special groove and cut it into the desired angle. The cutting will be smooth, with virtually no chips.

In order to see the boards beautifully, it is better to use the help of a qualified craftsman; if you think that you can handle this work yourself, then in any case, not in Bulgaria, it is better to use a hacksaw. For precise cuts along the board, the best tool is a circular or table saw.

The important thing in cutting boards is precision and accuracy, it is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. The main thing is to never forget that any manual and even more power tools can harm you, never ignore safety rules, it is better to be safe because health is the most important thing.

Photo instructions on how to cut logs into boards

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