Everything about arranging a balcony or loggia with an exit from the nursery and more

With a little effort, a balcony or loggia can be turned into an excellent space for a child to relax, play and study. It’s great if the children’s room has access to it, then you can enlarge or simply improve the room at its expense. However, if the balcony/loggia is attached to the parent’s bedroom, living room or kitchen, then in this case it will not be difficult to find a worthy use for the additional meters. In this material you will find several ideas and tips for arranging, decorating and connecting a balcony/loggia, as well as 70 photos and design projects for inspiration.

Requirements for arranging a room for a child that should not be neglected

The children's room is the most multifunctional room in the house. It serves as a child's playroom, bedroom, place to receive friends, study area and gym. Changes in priorities will require ongoing updates to the environment. What they will be like will have to be decided together with the owner of the premises. However, in pursuit of trendy interiors, it is important not to forget that there are specific requirements for the arrangement of children's rooms. Which?

  1. The space of the room should not pose a threat to the child’s health in terms of injury.
  2. Finishing and furniture must be environmentally friendly.
  3. All areas of the premises must be accessible for cleaning.
  4. The room is decorated in a theme close to the child.
  5. It is important that the child’s design matches the gender, age category and personal preferences of the owner.
  6. Ergonomic interior.

A children's room with a balcony is decorated in a theme close to the child.

French window instead of a balcony block - price of the device

The quality of order execution primarily depends on the manufacturer: accuracy of calculations and correctness of manufacturing. And, of course, the cost of the finished product.

The price of a French window consists of the following components:

  • window opening size;
  • size of frame sections and, accordingly, double-glazed windows;
  • sash weight;
  • quality of fittings and seals;
  • type of profile (material, number of chambers, color, presence of a thermal bridge);
  • type of glass and number of double-glazed windows;
  • opening mechanism.

The total cost of replacing a window unit with a French window includes the costs of:

  • coordination and development of the project;
  • fare;
  • dismantling the balcony block (window sill wall);
  • relocation of heating radiators;
  • installation of a translucent structure.

The price is calculated in each specific case, and starts from 3.5 thousand rubles. per sq.m. French window and 1100 rub. for installation of a unit of product. There is no upper price ceiling.

Thus, replacing a balcony block with floor-to-ceiling French windows brings a touch of sophistication to the interior of the room, but entails a bunch of problems, the solution of which is best left to professionals.

During major repairs and reconstruction of city apartments, replacing old windows and doors is usually included in the list of mandatory work. A balcony block, which combines a wide window with a door in its design, is more difficult to install than other elements. The cost of installation for builders reaches 20–30% of the price of the block. Therefore, for craftsmen with the skills of a mechanic and plasterer, it is rational to replace the balcony block yourself.

Solution for the design of a balcony in a nursery

“A children’s room with a balcony, the design of which will resemble a science laboratory, library, or workshop, will look interesting.”

Having made the balcony an extension of the nursery, think about what you would like to bring to it? Most often it is converted to:

Play area

This will require complete dismantling of the window unit, along with a section of the wall. The playground is lined with a fluffy carpet or bright carpet. Elements of a toy storage system are placed under the walls. If you decide to leave the window sill, then do not fail to repurpose it into a table for creative activities. In this case, the balcony area will be delimited from the general space and can be decorated individually, using bright colors and impressive decor. Place cartoon characters, images of your favorite animals, cars or castles on the walls.

Play area on the balcony


It is relevant in a schoolchild's room. This option will require dismantling the window unit while preserving a section of the wall and floor as a window sill. A bookcase will be installed in this area. There are no bright colors in the decor. Everything is calm and neutral. The child must get into a working mood. It is rational to move the desktop to the short right wall of the balcony, unless, of course, the child is left-handed. You can also place a computer corner here.

Workplace on the balcony in a schoolchild's room

Creative space

If your child is passionate about handicrafts or has a penchant for doing art, arrange a quiet corner on the balcony for this purpose. Place an easel, a comfortable table and a chair there, and make a rack for storing the necessary accessories.

It will be interesting to look at a children's room with a balcony, the design of which will resemble a scientific laboratory, library, or workshop.

Organize a creative space on your balcony

It is also better to leave such a space zoned by the remainder of the partition between the balcony and the room. The child will be happy to retire to do what he loves and read in the silence of a small and comfortably decorated space.

dressing room

Great idea for a girl's nursery. In the balcony area there is a full-length mirror and a custom-made cabinet or chest of drawers with a lot of drawers of different sizes for storing all sorts of small things. For older girls, you also need to install a dressing table or dressing table, sitting at which it will be convenient for the girl to put herself in order.

Small dressing room on the balcony

Rest corner

In this case, a cozy sofa or armchair is placed in the children's room on the balcony area, and the TV is also moved there. In such a spectacular cinema hall, the child will be able to spend time with friends.

Cozy cinema room on the balcony

Sports section

Boys will be more pleased with the exercise machines, dumbbells and wall bars, although girls will also be happy to watch their figure in a nicely decorated imitation of a gym.

A sleeping place is never brought onto the balcony, even if it is well insulated and equipped with heating. It will be completely uncomfortable to sleep there, as there will not be a feeling of complete safety and absolute security.

The sports corner will please both boys and girls

Insulation of the loggia

Warming the space is one of the main features in arranging a children's room on the balcony. The main thing is to cover all the cracks, get rid of cracks, chips, and blowout areas. Make sure the floor is warm.

According to the current rules, a loggia is a structure that does not belong to the residential premises of the apartment. It is not intended for heating in cold weather. Therefore, moving equipment with water heating into the annex is strictly prohibited. Such actions may bring conflict situations with current legislation and utility services. Read more in the article “moving the battery to the loggia”.

Already during the design period, it is worth abandoning the water heating system and paying great attention to alternative sources of heating the loggia.

We advise you to focus on the following two options:

  • heated floor system;
  • infrared heat-heating films.

heated floor on the loggia

Flooring material

It is better to choose wood as a flooring material: laminate, chipboard.

Children's design: general recommendations

When planning a children's room in the house, select the most spacious room for its arrangement, with good natural light. The room should be warm, with good ventilation, but without drafts.

How the space of the room will look depends largely on the gender and age of the child.

Children's girls

When choosing the color design of a children's room combined with a balcony, in addition to the already indicated parameters, you need to take into account the character of the young housewife . If this is a calm child prone to phlegmatism, then feel free to add bright colors to the environment. Fidget will feel comfortable surrounded by lilac and beige tones. Particular attention should be paid to organizing the sleeping area. It should be equipped with a canopy or canopy. Girls are delighted with all these designer delights.

Children's room with a balcony for a girl

A space designed in a specific stylistic way, sharply contrasting with the decor of the rest of the house, allows the child to feel cared for. The girl will be happy to spend time in her personal fairy-tale world.

Children's room for a boy with a balcony

“A popular trend in the design of a children’s bedroom with a balcony is the decoration of the walls in the sleeping area with soft wall panels”

Decor ideas for a boy's room are more laconic and restrained. There is no room for cuteness here. An appropriate interior will help to cultivate masculine qualities. Imagine his room in the form of a pirate's lair, a ship's cabin, a space shuttle, a jungle thicket. Any of these decisions must fully reflect the children's interests. Pay great attention to the sports area. It can fit into the overall decor or be placed as a separate corner on the attached balcony.

The color scheme is often calm. It is worth making bright splashes of curtains and other textiles, which are not difficult to replace according to the situation.

The interior of the boy's room is laconic and discreet

The furniture should be distinguished by the presence of a large number of drawers where toys can be conveniently placed. By the way, their storage area can be moved to the balcony.

A boy will be especially delighted by a loft bed or other unusually stylized sleeping place.

The loft bed will delight the boy

A popular trend in the design of a children's bedroom with a balcony is the decoration of the walls in the sleeping area with soft wall panels. The wall is covered with fabrics from the velor category. The lining is padding polyester, foam rubber or other soft fillers.

Nuances of zoning

Today, a children's room with a balcony is rarely zoned as standard. To do this, they are increasingly resorting to original techniques. Excellent results are achieved by using transformable furniture. It allows you to create different environments without being tied to a clear gradation of living space into functional areas. So a small sofa can be transformed into a table with seats, an ottoman will double as a bedside table, and a closet will turn into a bed. Such furniture takes up minimal space and allows you to create interiors that are convenient for study, sports, friendly gatherings, and comfortable relaxation.

Wardrobe bed will save children's space


A children's room on the balcony requires maximum safety. Everyone knows that children are most active when they are unattended by their parents. They strive to climb into all the cracks, look out the window, climb onto the windowsill and examine the whole world around them.

We are talking about the reliability of locking systems on window frames. The window is the most dangerous place in the aisles of the loggia. This is what you need to take care of first.

On a note! As an additional security measure, you can install bars on your windows.

Color palette

What color to decorate the nursery in is a rhetorical question. Forget that boys should live surrounded by blue and girls should live surrounded by pink, but if children like this spectrum, then you can stop at these shades.

Experts say that today it is possible to decorate a child’s room in any color. It is only important to choose the right combination of tones. This is where parents who decide to design a children’s room with a balcony on their own start to panic. But in vain! You should not make the nursery gloomy and neutral. It must certainly have bright colors that will set accents and will attract attention for many years.

What's relevant? Natural shades:

– In the green palette, the colors of khaki, moss, olive and mustard green should be the priority choice.

– In the yellow spectrum, the horse has lemon-cream and ocher tones. Do not forget about the activity of color in terms of emotional impact on the child and add it in small splashes.

Yellow accents in the room will lift your spirits

– The red-orange color scheme is used with caution, as colors are hyperactive for the child’s psyche. Carrot, terracotta, and burgundy shades will not cause problems.

– The pink spectrum is good in its variations. The ideal background solution for furniture would be walls in warm pastel colors.

A girl will like a pink interior

– Blue is the color of coldness and absorption of light, so it should not be used in shaded rooms or rooms with a lack of sunlight.

Personal territory

Having your own corner in which the child will be the undisputed and sole owner is a moment that is very important for the development of the child’s personality.

Regardless of how the balcony is demarcated from the room itself, the possibility of converting it into a children's headquarters will not cause any difficulties.

A small set of furniture, in the form of a table and several chairs, as well as drawers, both floor-mounted and wall-mounted, designed for storing various things - that, in fact, is all that is necessary for a child’s happiness.

A small sofa will look very harmonious and will create the necessary comfort, and several shelves will help place some small items and favorite toys.

Several design ideas for a nursery with a balcony

Sea style

All children love the sea, so decorating a nursery in a marine style will be received with a bang by young dreamers. Since the sea is associated with space, care must be taken to ensure that there is no clutter of furniture in the nursery.

The color scheme of the marine interior is a mix of white, yellow and blue colors, diluted with the glare of sunsets and a riot of tropical greenery. It is advisable to furnish such a nursery with furniture made of natural wood. You can also use it to make decorative inserts on the floor, walls, and ceiling.

Children's room with a balcony in a marine style

Birch and pine can be used as finishing materials. Wood treated and varnished will be pleasant to walk on barefoot.

The following techniques will help create the atmosphere of being on a ship in a children's room combined with a balcony:

  • furnishing the room with upholstered furniture in themed colors;
  • buying a bed that imitates a sailboat or, say, a submarine;
  • decorating one of the walls with photo wallpapers with images of seascapes;
  • adding specific details to the interior such as a ship’s wheel, anchors, hammock, hanging chairs, rope ladders;
  • organization of the captain's cabin or observation bridge on the attached balcony.

To recreate the atmosphere, use nautical-style decor

Space style

This design of a children's room with a balcony is for lovers of fantastic adventures who are ready to go conquer intergalactic spaces right now. This is a stylish and practical solution for decorating a nursery, allowing not only to create an interesting environment for the child, but also to develop an interest in astronomy and geography. To do this, just make a projection of the starry sky on the ceiling.

A large room will look best in such a design, but in principle, more modest spaces can be designed in this theme.

The design actively uses photo wallpapers depicting Martian or lunar surfaces, illuminated suspended ceilings, and lamps with lampshades imitating planets. The games area should be especially clearly presented.

Photo wallpaper will highlight the space style of the nursery

It’s a good idea to make the sleeping area look like a capsule in which real astronauts rest. The attached balcony area is perfect for a study area. It makes sense to design it as a command cabin, with control panels, a computer and other space gadgets.

The following design techniques can help create the right atmosphere in a children's room with a balcony:

  1. Furnishing a bed in the shape of an airplane or rocket. If you don't have enough space, use a loft bed, under which you can create a great place for games if you line the floor with mats and pillows with thematic patterns.
  2. Feel free to use sparkling futuristic accessories to decorate furniture, walls, and ceilings.
  3. Make complex ceiling designs, if possible in several tiers, with mandatory halogen lighting. Let them resemble some part of the Universe.
  4. Complete the interior with textiles with themed prints.
  5. The window of the attached balcony can be covered with sliding plasterboard panels with cut-out portholes.
  6. If a child collects futuristic toys or loves comic books, these things should have a place of honor.

The rocket bed will not leave any child indifferent

What exactly from this list can be implemented in your nursery, choose for yourself.

Children's decor for a teenager: Scandinavian design

Cozy minimalism will come in handy for decorating a small children's bedroom with a balcony. The snow-white surface finish, characteristic of the style, will help visually adjust the space and become an excellent backdrop for furniture and decorative accessories.

Snow-white finishing will visually increase the space of the room

Scandinavian interior is ideal for hyperactive children. To prevent a bright room from looking too bland and the atmosphere in it from being cool, add woody colors or a few bright accents. Their representatives can be furniture and textiles.

In a teenager’s room, you can go further and make an entire accent wall in the children’s room combined with a balcony..

The space of the attached balcony is also designed in unison. If this area needs to be highlighted, then do it with a dark strip laid on the floor. Finish the walls with light stone and design the transition between zones in the form of a low arch. It will give the impression of entering a cozy, protected cave. Furnish it with good quality wooden furniture, and a pleasant pastime in complete privacy is guaranteed.

Convenient work area on the children's balcony

Features and Benefits

This solution has both its advantages and disadvantages. So, if your balcony is already used for storing canned goods or other things that do not fit anywhere else, then it is irrational to do this. Another important point is the design of the balcony itself. If you have it open and not heated, then you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend a lot of time and money on its arrangement.

Also, the balcony may be too small. Therefore, neither a chair nor even a small desktop will fit on it. But, without a doubt, such a design solution also has its advantages. Firstly, you will finally have your own full-fledged room, where you will work alone and in silence, without being distracted by anything.

Balconies, as a rule, are complemented by high and wide windows on three sides. If you choose the French glazing option, the windows will be floor to ceiling height. This means that the natural light in the room will always be very good. Therefore, you can calmly work or read all day long without fear for your eyesight.

The balcony is very easily ventilated in good weather. And it can be protected from midges and mosquitoes with a simple mosquito net. So, if you properly design your workspace, then you will be comfortable doing your business in it.

Photo gallery – children's room with balcony

Removal of glazing

Wooden windows

Dismantling wooden frames must begin from the window sill When dismantling wooden windows, first of all, the window sill is demolished, and then the threshold, then you can start knocking down plaster, parquet, brickwork and other finishing materials and structures.

After removing the window sill, the frames are removed from their hinges, and the sashes of the wooden frame are demolished. The box must be cut out. After this, only the empty perimeter of the former window will remain. By the way, there is no need to write an application for the demolition of frames - you are allowed to do this yourself.

It may also happen that the frame is anchored to the wall of the house itself. In this case, you will have to literally knock out the anchors, and then use a crowbar to remove the wooden frame. By the way, this is a rather labor-intensive process, despite the fact that the frames are wooden.

Demolition of thresholds, plaster, parquet, other balcony floor coverings, and masonry is sometimes even easier than basic wooden structures. Dismantling a balcony can also begin with the demolition of the canopy - there is no difference.

An example of a diagram of a glazed balcony

Plastic windows

It’s worth mentioning right away that removing a plastic window must be carried out by at least two people. Otherwise, the frame may fall and break. And if the wooden one is not so bad, the plastic one is still quite expensive. By the way, it is also better to dismantle tiles by two people.

The process of dismantling a wooden horse involves the following steps:

The plastic frame must be dismantled carefully so that it can later be used on a new balcony

  1. The pin that holds the top hinge of the plastic sash is knocked out - this can be done using a metal pin (this process is much simpler than demolishing a threshold, plaster or parquet);
  2. The plastic sash itself is removed directly;
  3. The window opening is removed using, again, a crowbar, but very carefully: the plastic can simply burst, which will render the window opening completely unusable.

Aluminum windows

Dismantling aluminum windows is the easiest way, at least it is easier to do than knocking down a balcony threshold, plaster, dismantling tiles, masonry or parquet.

First, the entire fastening and frame are simply removed, and then the window itself is squeezed out with a crowbar. By the way, the chances of bending the aluminum frame or rendering it unusable during such work are minimal. It can then be easily mounted on a new balcony.

Internal structure of aluminum frame

The balcony combined with the room can also be dismantled, but everything will be somewhat more complicated there. Between the room and the balcony area, in addition to the threshold, there may be arches and other architectural decorations - all of them must be knocked down.

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